Doing Business and living in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong—Your future business centre and home
Stand on The Peak: look at the dynamic business centre spread along Victoria Harbour. But also look at Hong Kong’s excellent housing, its outlying islands and country parks. You are living on the edge of the world’s largest country with a dynamic business future, yet you are in a Common Law legal environment doing business in a business environment (company and tax laws, accounting and general business practices etc) that will be quite familiar to you.

You have direct access to China for the sourcing of goods for the rest of the world and your home country.

Now imagine Hong Kong is your new home and the hub of your business endeavours.

Let us help you…..

About us
In many ways the new Hong Kong Investor CIES rules parallel those of other countries. 

We have been based in Hong Kong for more than 10 years handling cases for clients from

   Sri Lanka
   China (PRC)
   South America
   South Africa

Who can apply under the CIES Program?

   Citizens of any country, except Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba and North Korea (DPRK).
   PRC citizens can apply, but they must have permanent resident status of another country (eg in Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc.) Taiwan, Macao residents are also eligible.
   You must be of good character and have to adverse immigration history.
   There are no age or language requirements. You can start a business in Hong Kong or be employed when your visa is approved.


What are the basic requirements?

   You must be aged 18 or above and have net assets of HK$10 million.
   Be able to show that you can support yourself in Hong Kong.

Where do I have to invest my money?

   The choice is open to you and includes approved financial assets such as shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Business environment

   It is the preferred gateway to China in particular the prosperous southern province of Guangdong. PRC, the emerging economic superpower.
   Excellent, cheap local and international telecommunications.
   Asia’s foremost financial hub.
   HK Dollar stable and fixed to the USD.
   Accounting in line with rest of the world.
   HK is a low tax safe well-policed common law jurisdiction with entrenched laws & constitution protecting basic human rights.
   Capital raising stock market and world class banks.


   Hong Kong has a first class airport and excellent airline connections to the rest of the world and to all the major commercial centres in China.
   There are excellent ferry, rapid train and bus services to China.
   Hong Kong is a regional transport hub and the main gateway to China.