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Benefits of financial advice and strategic wealth management
  • Financial advice gives you the confidence to make informed investment decisions and manage risk
  • Our advisers take a disciplined approach to investing and tailor advice to your individual needs
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  • Successful cashflow management is one of the keys to wealth creation
  • Invest in your choice of a term deposit, at call account or fixed interest securities
  • Diversify or balance your portfolio with fixed interest solutions
     AIM: Well Planning for Education Funds allow parents build up a capital sum to meet
              the cost of school fees in respect of secondary and university education.
     Higher education provides the cornerstone to a wide choice of careers and potentially
     better prospect for the children. Many parents start to save the education fund for their
     children since they are babies. Have you planned the fund yet?  Inflation and annual
     increase of school fee may inhibit your children to attain higher education, even though
     they are capable and clever enough for the study.


Current age of your child 10
Age to start University 18
Years of University study 4
Current university tuition fee in HK per year HK$50,000
Inflation rate & annual increment rate 5%
Projected return on education fund per year  8%
Required amount of education fund HK$295,491
Required monthly saving for education HK$2,207
     AIM: Good retirement plan will help you to enjoy a peaceful and financial free retirement
     Life expectancy is now 82 for men and 84 for women. Who can support your LONG
     period of retirement?  Your children?  Your MPF?  Current MPF will not be enough to
     support your retirement livings. If you can plan ahead, you can still have a hassle free
     retirement life


Current Age 25
Current monthly expense HK$10,000
Expected retirement age 60
Expected retirement up to age  80
Average inflation rate per year  3%
Projected annual return for retirement fund before retirement 7%
Projected annual return for retirement fund after retirement 5%
Required amount of retirement fund at retirement age HK$5, 660, 260. 83
Required monthly savings for retirement HK$3,142.75