• “I was in a financial mess before I contacted InvestmentYogi experts. They looked at my situation with patience and suggested some very practical ways to get out of it. Thank you so much”

      Vivian | 04-07-2012
    • “We are new to Financial Planning and wanted to start investing with a view to planning our family’s future. We found Noll and his methods suited us perfectly.

      The process Noll took us through was extensive and informative. It enabled us to understand real meaning behind the financial jargon, determine what financial goals we could achieve and how our attitudes & goals affect the investment decisions we make.

      ROI.hk advice also enabled us to make important personal insurance and estate planning decisions that can often be underestimated.

      Approaching financial planning in a methodical manner has given us the confidence that our future and that of our child is secure and protected.”


      Tom Lin  | 05-09-2012
    • Previously with everything else going on in life – work, study, sport, travelling, socialising….etc., managing and organising our finances was always something that would get done tomorrow, but after a few years of ‘tomorrow’ it was obvious we needed a new strategy.  Working with Noll and leveraging off his experience and expertise was the catalyst to enable us to organise a sound financial plan to enable us to meet short and long term goals. Ongoing management of our finances by Noll also provides peace of mind that after the initial good work has been completed we won’t drop the ball going forwards.”

      Raymond | 10-08-2012